360° Corbett Adventure Resort Preview


Picturesque Surroundings

Beauty spreads from Cottage to Lawns

A Pool As Cool As the Breeze

Take a plunge into the fresh & clean pool

Spend Relaxing Moments

Relax on the shaded poolside area

Outdoor Eating Experience

Delicacies served out in the open

Quick Help Centre At Your Service

Combined reception and help desk to your rescue

Clean and Stunning Ambience

Enjoy a satisfactorily clutter-free environment

Delicious Food Straight From the Kitchen

Our Restaurant Specialties

  • We serve best delicacies for our guests making their stay at Corbett Park deliciously special
  • Multi Cuisine Restaurant
  • We serve Great Recipes from Around the World
  • Sprinkle Your Taste Buds
  • Get the feast for your taste buds
  • Open Air Restaurant
  • Enjoy Nature Fresh Food under Open Air

Fusion of Delicious Food & Comfort

The ultimate spot to treat your taste buds

Eatery With a Cool Blue View

Eat with a cool blue view of the pool & open sky

Take A Post Food Walk

Take a walk down the lush green lawns

Directing Your Path To Food

Never lose your way to the food

Lead Your Way Back To Room

For times when you get high on delicious food

The Get Together Junction

A point to know your fellow resort mates

Refresh & Rejuvenate Yourself

Swimming Pool...

The large swimming pool gives guests a chance to enjoy a dip/swim during their free time with views of lush green lawns. We also have a separate baby pool for little toddlers to enjoy a dip and have fun.

Dive Into The Nature

Refreshing waters enclosed by the beauty of Nainital

Relax On the Poolside

Ensured relaxation, in & out of the water

Add Up To The Enjoyment

Enjoy ball games and other pool activities

Swim Your Way To Serenity

Drench yourself in – water, fun & peace

Post Adventure Therapy

Cool yourself off after an adventurous day

Loosen Yourself & Relax Your Nerves

Dive into magnificence & float on the calm water