360° Corbett Adventure Resort Preview

Adventure Park

Whether you are an adventure junkie or not, the exciting quest activities will not just soak you in sweat but also in immeasurable rush of adrenaline! We have everything to make your stay way more exciting than you expected, right from wall climbing, to archery, on demand paint ball, and many more thrilling activities to indulge yourself in. No age or fun limit!

An exotic way into splash of epic adventure

Offering you the bend of fun and frolic excitement

A refreshing place amidst the lush of Nature

Get cozy with nature's treat

A luxurious and captivating resort

An unending journey into the world of refreshment

Refresh & Rejuvenate Yourself

Rock Climbing Wall

Looking for a fun filled activity that gives you physical and technical challenges to explore – Rock Climbing Wall is the perfect choice. Artificial rock climbing setup made at Corbett Adventure Resort make it possible for you to enjoy the adventure activity with family, friends and colleagues in a safe environment.

Brave up yourself with rock climbing

Free your adrenaline rush as you climb

Adventurous Rope climbing

Crawl endlessly within the endless loops

Enjoy walking on the Burma bridge

Brim up with enthusiastic spirits as you walk through the way

Refresh & Rejuvenate Yourself

Burma Bridge

Another fun activity that awaits you in Corbett Resort is Burma Bridge. Burma Bridge is a 60 feet suspended bridge with a long rope hanging in it. Taking all the safety measures into account this activity is going to be an extra adventures one for those who love adventure.

Paradise for adventure loving

Experience thrills of walking on 60 feet long Bridge

Highly secured Rope Bridge

Your security is prime importance

Extra adventurous for daredevils

Highly appreciated and enjoyed by valiant

Refresh & Rejuvenate Yourself


Golden chance to improve your shooting skills! Corbett Adventure Resort brings you the Archery sport under your easiness where you can practice arrow shooting, to make others envy show your heroic talent of shooting arrow with precision.

Show your heroic legacy for Archery

Enhance your shooting skills at Archery spot

Time to take rounds of billiards

Get chance to enjoy the game of billiards with friends

Hand to hand with your friends in billiards

Perfect environment to show your talent in billiards

Refresh & Rejuvenate Yourself

Army Obstacle Course

If you are coming to Corbett Resort with your team or colleagues, Army obstacle Course is a must try. The obstacle objects consist of Trampoline, Network wire, ZIG- ZAG bar, Tarzan Swing, Ford, Spider web, Rope ladder etc. which makes this adventure activity tough and thrilling.

Come And Stay With Us in Corbett

Make Your Holidays The Best Holidays Ever

Tyre-Crossing In Army Obstacle Course

Supercharge Yourself for Unlimited Adventurous Fun

Relish Exciting Sports Activities

Activities to Boost Physical & Mental Skills

Refresh & Rejuvenate Yourself


Otherwise known as Hill rolling, Globing or Sphering is a wonderful recreation activity meant for those who love adventure at the peak. Performed in gentle slopes, this transparent plastic ball will take to a ride over the grassy regions giving experience of head over heels.

Exciting Zorbing Fun Rolling Down The Hill

Fun-Excitement-Adventure All-together

Roll Down The Hill And Enjoy

We Make Sure Your Holidays Are The Best Ever

Zorbing Available For All Age Groups

Hop-in The Ball And Let Zorb Do It For You

Refresh & Rejuvenate Yourself

Paint Ball (On Request)

With the Paintball gun, aim your opponent and eliminate them from the game to make victory all yours. This outdoor game help you to pellet paintballs on each other while playing in teams or individually. Safety measures lets you enjoy the game without any pain or damage – Get the trick to Paintball your friend and escape his/her aim tactically.

Explore Hidden deeds Of Paint Ball

Way To Hide & Seek Your Pleasure

Emprise Vindictive Actions Behind Your Heart

Way To Enliven Thoughts

Celebrate Success With Never Ending Joy

Refreshing Experience After Victory

Refresh & Rejuvenate Yourself

Treasure Hunt (On Request)

Treasure hunt will be arranged on special request, which is the perfect game for group of people vising JIM Corbett Adventure Resort. Make your stay fun filled, energetic and eventful by engaging in treasure hunt – life itself is a treasure hunt, so why wait, make it now!

Experience Never Ending Joy of Treasure Hunt

Unhide Your Excitement And Refresh Beached Minds

Brand New Concepts To Delight Nature's Touch

Charge Your Minds Naturally

Key To Touch The Skies Of Owned Talents

Experience Your Own Abilities